Broken provisioning

A customer of mine decided to migrate his TMS installation from a Win 2003 server to a Win 2008 server. In the original installation there was the provisioning up and running...

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How to disable H.264 video protocol on a Cisco C series endpoint

Few months ago I was asked to know how to disable the H.264 video protocol on a Cisco C series endpoint (like C20, C40, C60 or C90) by a customer of ours. Frankly speaking I had...

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How to migrate from NTSC to PAL in a MXP endpoint

Few months ago Cisco sent us a couple of MXP systems but the video format output was the NTSC one. In Italy the standard video format is PAL and we had to make the systems...

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Searches and transforms

Postato di su 9 Mag 2010

About searches

One of the VCS’s functions is to process incoming requests to search for a particular alias.  These search requests are received from:

  • locally registered endpoints
  • neighboring systems, including neighbors, traversal clients and traversal servers
  • endpoints on the public internet.

When searching for an alias, the VCS will first search all the highest-priority zone(s) using the protocol of the incoming call.

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